Oops, you’ve turned into a bowling ball

Okay, so we might have a wee little problem. The thing is you’ve been turned into a bowling ball… we’re not really sure how this happened… we’re guessing it might have something to do with all the people telling you to “harden up”. It looks like you rea

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An incredibly sad tale about an incredibly powerful elephant

Arjun was born a working elephant. He was not destined to wander freely, doing as he pleased. He would not spend his days splashing in the lake, running with the herd or getting giddy feasting on the sugar cane. Instead he would be an obedient beast of burden, living out his years pulling large l

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Developing mindful leaders takes more than colouring books

While mindfulness has been around for a few thousand years, it’s only very recently that it has been elevated to a corporate trend and commodified into a staggering selection of products.

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It's all just a bit of fun, right?

When I see this picture of dogs playing poker, it all seems like great fun. I mean, what sort of a wowser wouldn’t like to see dogs wagering whilst wearing waistcoats and hats? It’s hilarious! 

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It's World Mental Health Day - 5 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Celebrate

Every other day there’s some special day and while most are extremely worthy, they can involve a great deal more effort that you can really be muster on a gloomy Tuesday. Thankfully celebrating World Mental Health Day is far simpler – no one is asking you to grow a mo’, bak

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Our 4 new trainers are better than Mr Miyagi!

When we decided to bring some trainers aboard at RAW Mind Coach, we needed to be sure they were at least as good as Mr Miyagi. After a whole lot of waxing on and waxing off we can confirm, they are even better!

Our brand

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RAW Mind Coach Says YES!

If you haven’t already filled out your survey we encourage you to put a big tick in the “yes” box and run down to the post box as fast as you can! By doing so you can make a powerful difference to the lives of millions of Australians. By celebrating the love of same sex couples

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5 more questions to ask on R U OK Day

By starting with the simplest of questions R U OK day has opened up countless important conversations about mental health. But for many bosses, the tiny little question is truly scary.

Basic statistics reveal that many within our workforce are not doing OK. Right now, 1 in 6 Australian

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The big lie which will land you your next job

At your next job interview walk right in and tell them you are magnificent at multi-tasking. It’s exactly what they want to hear. It will make you sound like you’re exceptionally efficient, productive and capable of juggling the thousands of tasks about to be headed your way. They wil

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Where's my f***ing soy latte?

It was far easier in the hunter-gatherer days when we just had fierce man-eating creatures to contend with. The basic flight or fight reflex worked pretty well when confronted with a bear, a lion or a sabre-toothed tiger. But now in our working lives many of us must confront some altogether diffe

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Are you braver than Evel Knievel?

As a child, I thought motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel was the bravest man ever. While I sat far too close to the TV for my mother's liking, he would perform outrageous feats, attempting jumps over cars, lion cages and canyons. Often it didn't end well, but despite many horrendous crashe

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The weird, wonderful way in which Nelson Mandela, Michael Caine and Kermit the Frog can protect your mental health

Right now, you’re probably hoping this isn’t just some horrible piece of click-bait or the random ravings of some lunatic who has hacked the account. So let me assure you, while this idea may sound ridiculous, it is based on an actual psychological therapy. 

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Courageous Hearts - Resilient Minds: We speak with Martin McKenna

Martin McKenna brings us a story of inspiring courage and remarkable real-life resilience. At 13, Martin left his home in Garryowen, Ireland and spent three years living on the streets, with a loyal pack of stray dogs for company. Martin developed an instinct for survival and a unique understandi

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The real reason I superglued my leg wound

Annoying Google navigation lady, please stop telling me what to do. I can flipping-well get there myself. Ikea assembly instructions, get out of my sight. You are headed straight to the bin, along with all these leftover screws. Doctors, pfft! Why would I have one of those clowns stitch up this g

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What to do when meditation isn't doing it for you

“I’M TRYING TO F***ING MEDITATE” I shouted to no one in particular.

This was not the chilled, relaxed, Zen start to the day I had envisaged. It began with the ping of an email arriving on my laptop – was that something important? I tried to refocus and concentrat

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Self-help from someone who can’t stand any of that bullshit

I’ve never gone near that part of the bookstore. I’ve always regarded it as for weirdos, freaks and future mad cat people. Self-help? I don’t need help. I’m a man and I’m fine.

My biggest nightmare is attending a Tony Robbins seminar. No, I don’t want

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Fill your boots with the fertiliser of greatness

Imagine you could walk into Bunnings and buy the fertiliser of greatness. You could just go home, sprinkle a bit in your shoes, walk around in it for a while and it would lift you out of your rut. Sprinkle a little more in your shoes, have another little stroll and it would take your life from or

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Resilience: 5 reasons why it's more than another corporate trend

Corporate trends come and go in less time than it takes to complete a motivational fire walk. Chances are you will have experienced any number of ill-advised attempts to mould you and your workmates into a close-knit team of self-actualised, paradigm-shifting, go-getters. Maybe that 360-degree fe

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RAW Mind Coach launches at Optus

This morning employees of our Foundation Partners Optus were the first to log in to RAW Mind Coach and start learning some very valuable psychological skills. We’re delighted to have introduced RAW Mind Coach to this forward-thinking organisation and we are also very excited about some othe

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RAW Mind Coach is almost here! 5 things you can expect.

Development of RAW Mind Coach is now reaching its final stages. Right now we are finishing off those last techie bits, rigorously testing and getting ready to release it to the world.

So, what can you expect?

1.Expect to learn some really interesting,

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Men may not be great with emotions... but there is hope

Men cop a lot of flak for being out of touch with our emotions. Constantly we are told we’re not as emotionally intelligent as women. We are generally derided as unevolved boneheads with far too much testosterone and far too little sensitivity. Our pathetically low EQ’s are apparently

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The message you won’t hear on grand final weekend

The NRL and AFL grand finals are not only big days for sport, they are massive days for advertising. With so many eyeballs glued to the telly, the cost of buying each 30 second ad slot shoots up to over $100,000. In the time it takes to play two games, a phenomenal amount will have been spent enc

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A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness

Imagine you are at home watching an action movie on the TV. There’s a car chase, people shooting at each other and lots of big explosions. The clock is ticking on a massive nuclear device and the end of civilisation is just minutes away.

Despite witnessing the imminent end of the

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We deal with taxes. Why not mental health?

Tax is not fun. It’s boring, complicated and painful, but somehow all business owners deal with it. Even if all the receipts are shoved away in a shoebox, they eventually get taken out, tallied up and crossed off the list.

Mental health is a very different story. While most busine

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You may be tough but are you resilient?

Growing up I learnt to be tough. I learnt to survive a schoolyard which eerily resembled Lord of the Flies. I learnt to play footy and push past all sorts of pain. I learnt to work non-stop 12 hour days and follow them up with marathon after work drinking sessions. I also learnt to stay well clea

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Sounds intriguing… but what is RAW Mind Coach?

With our launch rapidly approaching, we’ve had loads of people asking us “what exactly is this crazy big thing you are creating?” 

To help answer this question in a way which makes some real sense, we’ve come up with 5 things you should know about RAW Mind C

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Prepare like an Olympian (without the exertion)

Seeing a sports psychologist has become a very normal part of Olympic preparation. We now recognise athletes need more than finely tuned muscles. To perform at their peak they also need to be able to deal effectively with their emotions and maintain focus under pressure. Properly preparing the mi

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Optus joins as a Foundation Partner

Employees of Optus will be among the first to gain access to a new e-learning program created by The RAW Mind Coach program aims to build psychological resilience and equip workers with a range of valuable new skills. 

In becoming a Foundation Partner of rawmindco

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How mentally healthy is your workplace?

Many organisations still have a very strange idea about what it means to be mentally healthy. Anyone who can “hold it together” is simply assumed to be doing okay, no matter how much they are struggling to cope. 

Corporate cultures have long emphasised being tough, gett

view full story and Black Dog Institute to develop resilience program for NSW Ambulance

A new resilience-focused training program will be created by and the Black Dog Institute for the 4,300 employees of NSW Ambulance. The e-learning program aims to equip paramedics, call takers and other workers with a range of psychological skills which will boost their ability to

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RAW mind coach development now in full swing

It’s all happening! As you read this article there is a highly talented team of writers, designers, illustrators, animators, voiceover artists, programmers and psychological experts all industriously working away to make incredibly special.

Already we’ve cre

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The multi-billion dollar opportunity most businesses are missing out on

Invest in most things right now and you will be lucky to achieve a return of more than a few per cent. One notable exception is workplace mental health. Recent research from Price Waterhouse Coopers and Beyond Blue shows that for every $1 invested in effective mental

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