Sounds intriguing… but what is RAW Mind Coach?

With our launch rapidly approaching, we’ve had loads of people asking us “what exactly is this crazy big thing you are creating?” 

To help answer this question in a way which makes some real sense, we’ve come up with 5 things you should know about RAW Mind Coach.

1.    It’s like a superhero, only much more useful…

Superheroes are brilliant at preventing lots of bad stuff from going down in movies. At RAW Mind Coach we specialise in preventing all sorts of problems in real life. 

We don’t rely on X-ray vision, extreme violence or body hugging lycra suits. Instead we rely on the latest evidence-based psychological research. 

The skills we teach build resilience, allow your workers to cope in difficult situations and enjoy greater psychological well-being. These skills change lives for the better… and can also help transform your organisation.

2.    It’s about 1/3 the price of an ergonomic chair

Most organisations are pretty serious about preventing physical injuries. Yours probably spends loads on things like ergonomic chairs and courses which explain in great detail how to lift a box.

Sadly, far less is being done to prevent mental injuries. Now the leading cause of workplace injury, mental health is something no organisation can afford to overlook.

At RAW Mind Coach we equip your employees with skills vital to their protection. Taking this simple preventative step is extremely caring. And it’s also very good for business. Resilient employees are more productive and far less likely to require leave.

3.    It’s not hideously boring and time consuming

It’s really hard to learn when your learning material sends you to sleep. As such, we have created a program which is highly interactive and almost as entertaining as YouTube videos of cats doing cute cat things.

Learners discover the science of how their brain works and are taught strategies for dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions. Short mindfulness exercises can be downloaded and practised regularly.

Each coaching session takes around ten to fifteen minutes, enabling the program to fit in around just about any work schedule. For the ultimate in convenience, the program can be completed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

4.    It’s like having a personal trainer (but with far less yelling) 

Highly motivating, RAW mind coach empowers learners to take a number of very practical steps to improve their own mental health.

Just like going to the gym, we’ve found the best results are derived with regular workouts.  Rather than attend one quickly forgotten seminar, skills are developed in ten short sessions.

After completing the program learners will have continued access to an ever-growing selection of resources, allowing them to build their skills, gain fresh insights and keep working out.

5.    It’s created by a bunch of nerdy do-gooders

We admit it - our team is basically a bunch of do-gooders… and we are quite set on doing a whole lot of good. 

Among us are leading experts in workplace mental health; people with very impressive sounding degrees, piles of published research and loads of personal experience helping real people bounce back from workplace mental health issues. 

Unlike rap stars our desire is not to acquire expensive bling, have elaborate pool parties or drive pimped out cars with bouncy suspension. We are way too nerdy for all of that.

Your support will allow us to reach more people, enhance our services and do even more to develop mentally healthier workplaces.

We hope this has helped to make this big project a little less mysterious. To find out even more (and qualify for an early bird discount) please register your interest now..

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