RAW Mind Coach is almost here! 5 things you can expect.

Development of RAW Mind Coach is now reaching its final stages. Right now we are finishing off those last techie bits, rigorously testing and getting ready to release it to the world.

So, what can you expect?

1.Expect to learn some really interesting, practical stuff.

Your mind is a fantastically complex machine which produces tens of thousands of thoughts every day. Throughout RAW Mind Coach you will discover a whole lot about the science of how your brain works. You’ll also be equipped with many practical strategies which can help build psychological resilience. Find out how to cope in times of high stress, how to interact with difficult emotions and what to do when those annoying, persistent thoughts just won’t go away.

2.Expect to discover what mindfulness is really all about.

RAW Mind Coach provides the perfect introduction to mindfulness, dispelling the common misconceptions and exploring the many powerful reasons why this ancient practice is now being used by everyone from sports stars to business leaders and emergency service personnel. Most guided mindfulness exercises take just a few minutes to complete and can produce a range of significant psychological benefits. To practise you won’t need to sit cross-legged, chant endlessly or attempt to think about nothing. 

3.Expect to have fun.

While many e-learning programs can quickly put you to sleep, this one shouldn’t (unless you are listening to one of our mindfulness tracks which is designed for just that purpose). We respect that most humans have finite boredom thresholds and learn far better when they are kept entertained.  RAW Mind Coach has been created accordingly, with its own quirky personality. The ten interactive sessions each last for around fifteen minutes and are filled with many weird and wonderful human moments.

4.Expect to keep learning more

Once you have completed the ten sessions, there is still plenty more to learn. In our Brain Food section, you will discover an ever-growing library of resources, including book recommendations, videos and expert written articles. We’ll provide regular emails, keeping you up to date on the latest research and exploring a wide range of strategies you can use to boost your resilience.

5.Expect it to change your life.

While this may sound like some awful infomercial sales pitch, teaching life-changing skills is really what we’re all about. We want you to be able to access mindfulness instead of being caught up in a world of worries. We want you to access self-compassion instead of letting self-criticism take hold. We want you to access support instead of going it alone. Our aim is for every one of our learners to experience less psychological suffering and be able to bounce back more effectively, no matter what challenges life brings.

Find out more

If you would like to discover more about RAW Mind Coach or register your interest please contact us.