RAW Mind Coach launches at Optus

This morning employees of our Foundation Partners Optus were the first to log in to RAW Mind Coach and start learning some very valuable psychological skills. We’re delighted to have introduced RAW Mind Coach to this forward-thinking organisation and we are also very excited about some other upcoming launches. Currently we are putting the finishing touches on a special version of the program for NSW Ambulance. Within the next few weeks we’ll also be releasing RAW Mind Coach for sale online, so everyone can start building their resilience.

RAW Mind Coach has been built with an evidence based approach, combining a number of strategies which research has shown to help people bounce from challenging situations. During the e-learning program learners complete ten short interactive sessions, discovering a whole lot about how their brains work and how they can interact with difficult thoughts and uncomfortable emotions. One of the key skills taught is mindfulness, with users able to access a range of guided mindfulness exercises, which they can then download for ongoing use.

Developed with the support of UNSW Innovations and the Black Dog Institute, RAW Mind Coach is designed to give businesses large and small a program they can trust to help tackle the vital task of improving workplace mental health. Affordable, accessible and simple to implement, RAW Mind Coach is available on computer, tablet or smartphone.

Unlike launching a ship, we can’t dramatically break a bottle of champagne over the bow to celebrate this special occasion. We are however very proud at this moment and would like to offer our deepest thanks to all those who supported us and all those who have invested their amazing talents into creating a program which we are confident will make a real difference to the lives of many. 

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