Our 4 new trainers are better than Mr Miyagi!

When we decided to bring some trainers aboard at RAW Mind Coach, we needed to be sure they were at least as good as Mr Miyagi. After a whole lot of waxing on and waxing off we can confirm, they are even better!

Our brand new training dream team is made up of Natalie Mortimer, Joe Tighe, Tania Pickering and Monica Schweickle (pictured left to right). They will be on hand to offer tailored face to face training sessions to our corporate clients. These entertaining and interactive sessions serve to introduce mindfulness, outline practical strategies for building resilience and support the rollout of RAW Mind Coach’s online program.  

So, what is it that makes our new recruits better than Mr Miyagi?

1.      Our trainers are all fully trained psychologists, with many years of experience. Mr Miyagi was just an actor with dubious karate credentials.

When it comes to psychology it’s incredibly important your trainer knows exactly what they are doing. Our team have spent decades studying and helped hundreds of people through some of life’s most challenging situations. They understand the research and know what works in real life. They also won’t make you stand awkwardly on one leg with your arms outstretched like a stork.

2.      While Mr Miyagi is adept at handling chopsticks, our trainers are adept at handling things like difficult thoughts, uncomfortable emotions and times of high stress.

Sure, catching a fly with chopsticks is impressive, but there are some far more important life skills. Our training team understand the challenges of integrating demanding careers and family lives and know how to deal with all the annoying, tricky, difficult bits that appear when they are least expected. They offer clear, simple advice to help you cope far better with whatever comes your way. In the end, what would you prefer - psychological wellbeing or insects smeared on the end of your eating utensils?

3.      Mr Miyagi has a decent beard, but Joe’s is far more impressive.

Ever since Freud ditched his razor, the beard has been a symbol of wisdom and we must say Joe looks mighty thoughtful while stroking his bushy ginger chin. While Tania, Monica and Natalie are very much lacking in the facial hair department, they more than make up for this by being incredibly knowledgeable, caring and brilliant at training.

We could go on and on, however if you want to experience training that’s even better than Mr Miyagi’s we suggest you simply get in contact and arrange a session. Training can be customised depending on your group size, the time available and the specific requirements of your organisation.

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