It's World Mental Health Day - 5 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Celebrate

Every other day there’s some special day and while most are extremely worthy, they can involve a great deal more effort that you can really be muster on a gloomy Tuesday. Thankfully celebrating World Mental Health Day is far simpler – no one is asking you to grow a mo’, bake a cake or pound the pavement in a fun run. Here are five super-simple yet very powerful things you can do instead.

1.      Stop

Take just 5 minutes out from all that frantic multi-tasking for a spot of meditation. Not quite sure how to go about it? visit and select one of the short guided mindfulness exercises from the preview section.

2.      Move

Your brain loves exercise and moving can be a powerful way to protect your mental health. Whether you prefer to swim, ride your bike or recreate Michael Flatley’s dance routines, a little aerobic activity today will do your mind a world of good.

3.      Sleep

Tonight, hit the hay early. Sleep is simply brilliant for your brain, yet most of us aren’t getting nearly enough of it. A highly underrated activity, sleep can play a particularly important role in protecting our emotional health and wellbeing.

4.      Eat

Regularly eating fresh food is known to produce a variety of mental health boosting benefits. Tonight, take the time to savour a healthy home-cooked meal and if you really want to celebrate stick some sparklers in the carrots!

5.      Connect

It doesn’t have to be RUOK? Day before you check in on your nearest and dearest. Phone a friend and you will be harnessing the power of social connection to boost your mental health and theirs.

When you are good to yourself, you are good to your brain. Keep it simple and celebrate better mental health!

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