RAW mind coach development now in full swing

It’s all happening! As you read this article there is a highly talented team of writers, designers, illustrators, animators, voiceover artists, programmers and psychological experts all industriously working away to make rawmindcoach.com incredibly special.

Already we’ve created a large cast of characters, who will pop up throughout the program. While we can’t tell you too much, we can let you know about a couple of our personal favourites.

Stubborn Joe is a mule who has a habit of dragging people away from the present moment. This fine looking creature is quite determined and always up for a bit of mental tug-of-war.

Mr Reactive is like an old-school movie action hero – just imagine Bruce Willis with far better hair! While Mr Reactive can be very handy in certain situations, his reactive nature can make him bad at dealing with stuff like difficult thoughts and emotions.

For the next few months we’ll all be working away Stubborn Joe, Mr Reactive and the rest of the gang. Of course, putting together something this big and complex can at times be a little stressful, so we’ll be sure to keep taking our own advice.

If we don’t respond to an email immediately, it may be because we are taking some time out for a few deep breaths, a short mindfulness exercise or maybe a walk in the park.  

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