How mentally healthy is your workplace?

Many organisations still have a very strange idea about what it means to be mentally healthy. Anyone who can “hold it together” is simply assumed to be doing okay, no matter how much they are struggling to cope. 

Corporate cultures have long emphasised being tough, getting the job done and leaving all that awkward, emotional stuff at home. For generations mental health has been an issue which is ignored, hidden away or heavily stigmatised. 

It’s about time things changed. 

No longer can we ignore mental health or make the assumption that everyone is doing fine. They’re not. For every six workers one is likely to be experiencing a mental health issue. Anxiety and depression are now widespread and psychological conditions have become the leading cause of workplace injury.

In search of efficiency we have created incredibly fast-paced, complex and demanding roles. Outside of work, many get little relief, having to manage constant connectivity, financial pressures and a relentless schedule of activity. Feeling stressed has become the new norm.

Any organisation who wants its workers to perform at their peak needs to recognise this new reality and start equipping their people with the appropriate psychological skills. 

At we aim to make it easy for organisations that are ready to make a real difference. Our e-learning program equips workers with a range of resilience skills, allowing them to bounce back from difficult situations and cope more effectively with whatever challenges come their way. 

In addition to being highly helpful for employees, resilience training also makes incredibly good business sense. As workers develop resilience and improve mental health, costs associated with absenteeism, staff turnover and workers’ compensation can all fall significantly.   

If your workplace is still clinging to an old “tough” culture, you may have a surprisingly large and very well hidden problem. You also have a major opportunity. Taking action to improve mental health will make a major difference to the lives of your employees and can also help transform your organisation.  

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